2018 Live & Carcass Show Feedlot Pre-Entry Form

2018 Live & Carcass Show Feedlot Pre-Entry Form


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2018 Beef Empire Days

Feedlot Special Feature

Pre-entries are due by May 25, 2018 to allow time to mail your ear tags. We can only accept entries after this time if you are able to pick up ear tags at our office in Garden City.

To enhance the ability of feedlot personnel to assess carcass quality and yield grade and select
cattle of desirable weight range excelling in these traits.

Feedlots entering five or more steers and/or heifers in the Beef Empire Days Live & Carcass
Show are eligible to participate.

1. Feedlots can enter more than one entry but NO steer or heifer can be on more than one entry.
2. The feedlot staff, as a group, should decide which 5 head of cattle to enter per team.
3. Cattle for the entry must have been fed at one feedlot but may be owned by more than one individual.
4. Select five cattle (either steers, heifers, or a combination) you believe to be the most desirable
in quality and yield grade. Record their BED ear tag numbers on the attached card.
5. Return the BED Feedlot Special Feature card when cattle are delivered to the Live & Carcass Show.
6. $50 entry fee per each pen of 5 entered is required for the Feedlot Special Feature.

1. The five head that you chose for your feedlot will each have a BED index, that index will be
total amongst the five head to come up with a total for the five head. The highest total of the five
head will be determined as the winner.

The winners will be paid as follows:
1 st - $500
2 nd -$300
3 rd - $200