Ranch Rodeo

Where: Finney County Fairgrounds
When: 7:00 p.m. Saturday, June 3rd

Want to know how the traditional cowboy works the herd? The Ranch Rodeo includes events in which traditional working cowboys gather to compete and demonstrate skills that are used every day in cattle ranching operations. Although there are some similarities to the rodeos people are accustomed to seeing, ranch rodeo events typically use combinations of roping, horsemanship, and groundwork skills to create a more genuine presentation of real-life ranch work. This is considered to be a team event, not an individual competition. A team consists of three members. Events are doctoring, mugging and penning.

The Ranch Rodeo is made possible by the following sponsors: Alltech – Dave Pfenninger; Baker Boot – Bob Baker; Crop Production Service – Garden City/Country Store – Larry Hickson; Merial, LTD – Greg Haslouer; Newport Laboratories- Kara Kraich Smith; Nova Microbial Technologies – Al Larsen; Western State Bank – Jason Drohman; and Zoetis – Zach Conine.

  • Entry fee
  • Free admission
  • Entry forms are available by contacting the Beef Empire Days Office.